Project Description

TopTec 2500 E

The TopTec 2500 E was designed for demanding demolition work. It´s enormous stability ensures maximum tool performance. Especially for use in rotary kilns, customers from the cement industry use this robot as their standard equipment.
The TopTec 2500 E has four extremely sturdy outriggers, protected by steel plates, the rubber-plates under the steel-feet build up the necessary friction. It is operated electro-hydraulically, has an output of 18.5 up to 25.0 kW and can carry tools with a maximum of 400 kg.
Some nuclear facilities use the TopTec for maximum power inside the
radiation field and minimum passing space. Extra valves enable the use of any complex equipment. Twin lifting cylinders guide maximum forces to the boom and to the hammer.

All TopTec robots come with cable- and radio-remote control. TopTec standards are also horn, FI-type earth-fault relay, headlights and load-holding valves for the extremely stable boom. On request, the TopTec 2500 E can also be equipped with heat-resistant hoses, side-angling device, hydraulic track adjustment, steel tracks, LED floodlights, emergency systems etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any specific issues with your project. Any of your ideas and tasks are welcome.
We will be happy to work together with you, developing the ideal solution
with an optimized TopTec robot.

The perfect machine for every application. TopTec.