Project Description

TopTec 7500 E / 7500 D

The TopTec 7500 E / 7500 D is currently the highest evolutionary stage of the TopTec decommissioning robots. All the advantages of the TopTec 6500E / D also apply to this special device. Through constant further development this machine can also perform complex tasks in the control area. (For example, exploration of the present field of application, environmental sensorics, messages via individual sensors and transmission of signals by special cameras in the non-visible frequency range, etc.) All movement functions are particularly soft and precise. The entire tuning can be specified specifically with the operator of the machine. Signal transmission (also video) is even possible over long distances.

In order to be able to fit into any suitable working position, all supporting legs can be handled individually, vertically and horizontally. Hydraulic track adjustment and full redundancy are included in this class for TopTec machines as standard equipment.

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